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Yoga Workshop, Espern, Hamar, December 2009 - Part Seven

Yoga is a beautiful system developed to help remove physical, mental and emotional blocks.

Now we’ll be talking generally about yoga, how yoga can help us, and the side effects of hatha yoga.

The side effects of hatha yoga seem endless. The positive body shape changes, the awareness of self, the calm, the grounding, the joy, enjoying the simple pleasures. Talk to people who practice yoga, or play at yoga on the weekends. They always speak about the rewards they gain in their daily lives.

But the final outcome, the reward at the end of the game, is connection. Ultimate and beautiful connection to the life force energy, constant, wonderful, living, breathing, beautiful life.

You can feel the cells, the life within, seemingly ‘jumping for joy’ in existence.

And it’s a ‘realisation’, a revelation, an unveiling, of the mystical truth of what we have been searching for all along, all of the love we have thought we never had, all of the insistence of our little voice in the darkness, all of it, is for this great cosmic connection. 

At Onement – Atonement



Self Realisation

The Tao

God Consciousness

Call it what you will. Give it a name, if you want to, but it remains the same, regardless of your religion, of your belief system, or of your up bringing. We remove the blinds of our eyes, we remove our blockages, and we reveal, at the heart, the most beautiful centre you can imagine.

Present Moment Awareness

The body is a great help in training the mind to release its hold on thought.  It is always right here, right now. It holds patterns of the past, postural patterns, and memories, the excess food, the signs of accidents, the scars, the small wounds but it exists in the present moment. The body is our key, in hatha yoga, to unlock the present moment.

  • Yoga is integration of all levels, the heart, the mind, the body, and all embraced by the spirit.  The spirit is pure connection on all levels.

When practicing physical yoga poses, be careful not to get hung up on ‘perfect’, there is no perfect in yoga, apart from the ‘right now’ which is perfect. Right now is perfect, but its not found in a pose. It’s the moment that is continually present. This is what we are practicing.

The mind seems like our greatest enemy and yet, is a great tool, a great gift,  if we can use its skills, rather than be its slave.  Part of understanding our new relationship to our mind, is acceptance rather than resistance. 

What does the mind do? It goes around and around and around in thoughts. Its constantly likened to a playful and naughty monkey, but it can be incredibly dangerous. The world as we see it today, is in existence because of thoughts that came up in someone’s head, and then those thoughts were put into action, that’s the world we live in. 

  • Bring the mind into present moment awareness by concentrating on the body, living in each moment. We’re increasing cellular awareness. The cells are alive, jumping, receiving information, sending information, alive in the moment.

We can feel/experience oneness through the energetic body, through the inner exploration, but its difficult to see it/feel it through the mind.  This is why, in many cases, the mind is viewed as an ‘enemy’ of the spiritual journey.

However, the mind can be our most powerful ally. How do we make friends with a wild animal?

We are patient. We are calm. We don’t show fear. We are kind, and caring, and giving. We do not hate, or hit, or blame, or resist or regret.

  • Bring the mind into the service of the heart. That is, we need to train the mind, and it takes some time, especially after the lives we have been living of consume and enjoy as much as possible. 

Of course, if our mind is geared to ‘enjoy’ and we don’t enjoy, what happens? We become resentful and unhappy and a whole load of other problems begin.  The mind will buckle and kick against this sudden about face. So take it easy, relax, one step at a time.

  • Remember that yoga doesn’t ‘add’ anything to you, it’s the opposite. It takes away blockages. It returns us to simplicity, rather than complexity. Into oneness, rather than separateness.

  • Cosmic consciousness  is expanded consciousness. A consciousness that is not limited by ideas or thoughts or emotions. It is a consciousness that surpasses the petty demands of the little self.

There is no where to go, you’re already here. Its just a matter of removing the blinds from out senses.

The time is NOW. 

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