Saturday, June 27, 2009

Acceptance of What IS


‘wishing to be somewhere else with someone else’ won’t magically fix things.

Yoga is Unity. Let’s start from there.

To be in unity, we need to join, mentally, the thing we are doing, or the person we are with. This is called awareness. In hatha yoga class, we learn to join our body. To be one with the moment. To feel the stretch, the balance, the flow of energy. As we concentrate, we become more alive, more aware, more focused and more energised.

That’s normal.

However, usually, if there is a problem, we can mentally be somewhere else. If we are cleaning, or doing dishes, or talking to a boring person, we just drift off mentally and then we don’t have to be ‘joined to the moment’.

However, this is escapism. And it doesn’t fix anything. It just delays, represses and ignores the reality.

And yoga, in all honesty, is a tool that is helping us to grow up. To become responsible. To stop being a victim and become the seat of power. To become You and Me.

Go beyond boredom.

What is the most boring thing that happens to you? When do you want to ‘escape’? When do you wish you were somewhere else with someone else? Why do you keep blaming someone else for your own unhappiness?

If we think about it for just a moment, we can see that its not sane. Its not logical. Nobody can force us in our reaction. If there is one thing we do have control over, it is our reactions, our responses, the way we view the world and the way we greet life every morning.

If you say ‘yes, but, he does ‘this’ and then … how can I not react to that? Its so irritating.’ Then you are being a victim of circumstances and not the master of your own destiny. Make a choice.

Be bored. On the other side of boredom, is aliveness. Search out boredom. Fill yourself with it until you can’t take it another moment – and then – you’re on the other side, and the moment is magical.

Practice (try this!)

  • Sit down in a comfortable chair.
  • Relax. Be comfortable.
  • Stare softly at the thing in front of you. (the TV is NOT on)
  • Breathe.
  • Watch your self.
  • Notice every thing. Become alive.
  • Allow yourself to see and feel and just watch.

What happens?

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