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The Death of Me (part II)

part II (16th of July 2008)

In the Black Pit

There is observation without judgment.

Emotion is suspended.

There is clarity.

There is existence.

There is every thing and no thing.

It is.

There is activity.

Activity follows the laws of polarity.



Life enhancing.

Life retarding.

Once Fallen Into the Black Pit

Death of the self.

The stones above the black pit disintegrate.

The clothes of the self fall away, leaving a naked observer.

The sudden realization of a nakedness can be difficult to understand.

At once you are vulnerable.

At once you are liberated.

At once you know – and at once you are cut off from the world.

The price of realization is alienation.

Return to the World of Stones

One then leaves the black pit –
Only to return in meditation or contemplation.
On return to the world of stones, we encounter people.

There has been a choice made, by the three I see.

The prophet who wrote the beginning of the bible has been to the black pit. The writer, (or compiler of accounts), saw the opposing energies in play and interpreted their action as one against the other. Good against evil. And in this, lies the misery of the Abrahamic religions.

Buddha also saw the interplay of opposites and the constant change. He understood clearly the stones of our existence created suffering. But, he wanted to interpret what he had seen, in a way people could understand. He wanted to teach what he had discovered about the suffering of human kind. His mission, it is said, was to discover the cause of our misery. And he found the answer.

There is one who has come before who went into the pit and expressed the reality of the pit. He saw the nature of reality and did not wish to interpret it. He is the founder of The Way – the Tao. Historically, this man is named Lao Tzu.

One pole of energy was not placed above another. Lao Tzu saw the balance of the universe and accepted it. He submitted his will. He became it. He is the uncorrupted embodiment of the truth.

The purpose of life is to exist.

There is one and the other in all things. It is so. The one can be strong. The other can be weak. But it is. Judgment, or preference of one over the other, leads to imbalance, lies and the misery of the human race.

We are not designed to be happy or good. We are designed to exist. To be. And once you are, then your existence is, and there is no struggle any more.

The Acceptance of the Black Pit

Acceptance and submission of the self to the two reigning principles of positive and negative energy.

Observation leads to clarity and sureness.

Submission leads to peace, health and … funnily enough, the zing zing of ultimate existence.

The ultimate study is undertaken with the understanding of the law of unity in one hand and understanding the balance and interplay of opposites in the other hand.

The study of balance. Of relationship. Of exchange. Of communication. Of life. Of existence. Of being.

The Purpose of Life?

The purpose of life is to be an expression of the All.

We express ourselves and its being by the interplay of opposites.

Every one and every thing, willing or not, is a part of the expression.

In recognition of the nature of the universe, then the scales fall away and we are left with existence.

The purpose of life is to exist.

Existence is our purpose.

Acceptance of the black pit.

The pieces pull together.

The universe becomes integrated.

The observer, the accepter, the submitter –
feels the creative life force surge through their body.

Tingling awareness in every cell form the centre to the extremities.

It is.

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