Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Embody the Mystery

Another day and I throw out the question again. 'What am I suppose to do?' If i feel these things, if I see Life behind the surface, if I know that so much of it is just a playground, what am I to do?
The answer has only ever been energetic. That is, I feel it within my body. I feel an extra charge of Life course through my insides and I interpret it as 'be a channel for Grace' - words taken from Caroline Myss.
Today was something different. A great light pierced my forehead. The word 'embody' pulsated in my mind. Embody what? I ask, still wanting everything spelt out.

'Embody Life.'

'Embody the Mystery.'

'Embody God.'

'Embody the Tao.'

But more simply, just 'embody'.

Its very personal. I embody 'It' my way. There is no law, there is no script, there is only what is. 'The You and Me becoming We.'

My way is through the body. Through the awareness of prana/chi/qi in the body. Using Hatha Yoga and Qigong to enhance awareness of the awakening of the Life Force within us all. So be it.

At the same moment, I discovered the beautiful video below of Seane Corn. She is living her Yoga as it was originally taught. Thank you for the inspiration.

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