Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Beginning - Adyashanti's Invitation

"Its the beginning of a new way of life. Instead of a life lived from the separate ego, from the illusion of the egoic personality identity,  its the beginning of life lived from a conscious recognition of our true nature as spirit. And that's a truly new life. That's a beginning. Its the end of  identification with egoic personality, but its not the end of spirituality as some people think. Its actually the beginning of a new way of life. Its the beginning of the discovery, an ongoing discovery of what's it like, what is it, to recognize that you are spirit appearing as a human being. What is it to begin to live life from that recognition. That is a journey all of on itself. How does one express that recognition?"

Transcript from Adyashanti's audio CD True Meditation.   If you have Spotify.

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