Friday, December 31, 2010

Cleansing for the New Year

  • I accept you exactly as you are. Please forgive me if I wanted you to be something you are not and can not be. I dedicate myself to seeing you as you are, and without judgement from a small mind. 
  • I support you as you are in what ever decisions you take. You are not me, and we can not act or think the same. I trust you to do the best you see fit. 
  • I have erased 'should be' from my language. Its just another complaint and another display of arrogance. 
  • I dedicate time, patience and myself to dwelling with the truth. 
  • I understand that suffering helps us see through illusions. We learn from difficult situations. Pain brings us into the present moment like no other emotion. It helps to remind us of what is important. 
  • I forgive you. I forgive me. 
  • I dedicate thirty minutes every day to moving my body with awareness. We exercise the body to grow older, not to hold onto youth. 
  • I always leave five minutes earlier than I need to, so I don't have to push or rush or be impatient at traffic lights.
  • I give myself five to fifteen minutes between tasks to breathe, stare out of the window, drink some water, stretch the shoulders and neck and smile.
  • I start hand making cards two weeks before they need to be sent off. 
  • I pay attention to the rise and fall of emotion, and I choose to dwell with the One that observes the changes. 
  • I give smiles without expectation of getting one in return.
  • I like to leave notes for loved ones as a surprise.
  • I breathe with awareness.
  • I pause every time I feel myself moved by beauty. I let it sink into my skin and permeate my face, my heart and my bones. 
  • Notice that once my basic needs are met, I can never satisfy my wants. Serving others brings happiness. Serving myself leads to selfishness and dissatisfaction. 
  • I notice when pain arises in the body and I listen to what my body is telling me. 
  • I live here, now. I let go of old wounds and negative unhelpful talk. I let go of negative patterns of thought that are rooted in past experiences.
  • I identify where my anger, frustration and disappointment come from. Usually it comes from the 'I should' or the 'you should'. 
  • I will not over water my plants. 
  • I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. I understand that personal integrity fosters healthy self esteem, and I stay vigilant so I notice when integrity turns into stubbornness. 
  • I pause every day to give thanks to the sun. I love the sun.
  • How can I let life in? How can I reduce my resistance to life, as it is? Every complaint is resistance. Every internal 'no' is another brick in the wall between me and reality. 
Happy New Year.

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