Monday, October 31, 2011

Forever Forsaken

Terror is not welcome here anymore
Its teeth bared and gnashing
At meshed coloured dreams
Of violent forever’s mirrored
In the psyche forgiven times ago
But never returned to.
Banished, art thou, terror
Of fields of dreams gone dark
With sorrow for life past.
Forever forsaken down narrow
Pathways of forgiveness
Tinted with winds
Alleyways vibrant with life
Laughter, darling girl
Do you not remember me
Your cascading hair on my arm
Laughing, wildly with open mouth
But forgotten, all, now under the
Cloak of sleep and forgetfulness
Embedded in the lids of your eyes.
Woven together by magicians in the
Guise of angels. 

Photo: Tiffany Jones 

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