Monday, February 18, 2008

Research for Class Impact

Tit bits of information about your body helps an instructor add power behind the exercise they are teaching. Research shows that students care about the benefits of training.

You never know what or when a student hears the RIGHT words that begin a positive shift in their training. They reach the next level. Sometimes they just need to hear the right words that connect the dots and gives them the ‘ahhhh’ experience.

For example-

The brain takes one fifth of the blood the heart pumps.

Blood carries sugar and oxygen.

33 vertebrae in the vertebral column – 9 are fused, 24 are not.

Research and start your own files of positive facts to help your students. The best place to begin is the Internet and your local library. For up to date and popular research, take a look at the many sporting magazines in your local newsagent.

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