Monday, February 18, 2008

Qigong for every day

(a 45 minute class)

Aim: to introduce basic qigong principles, exercises and breathing techniques.

This is a straightforward, easy class designed for people with no prior knowledge of qigong.
Suit absolute beginners, people with poor concentration, senior adults or people in rehabilitation. Suitable for a drop in class. A very relaxing class.

Fundamental Movements (15minutes)
(from Step by Step Tai Chi by Master Lam Kam Chuen)

- Relaxing the neck
- Lowering the shoulders
- Shaking the hands
- Painting the wall
- Two full moons
- Brushing the air
- Playing the accordion
- Swimming on land
- Hip circles
- Bending forward
- Bending backwards
- Bending to the Side
- Looking back at the moon
- Knee circles
- Ankle circles
- Sitting down
- Raising on your toes
- Lifting the knee

Traditional Qigong Exercises
For example Phoenix Wings, The Flower, Stretching for Health (can exchange with similar exercises).
Three easy qigong movements that can be learnt quickly without previous experience. 15 minutes.

Seated Dan Tien breathing. 5 minutes

Chi Self Massage
Head, neck, feet and hands. 5 minutes

Discussion Time
Usually appreciated by half the class.

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