Monday, February 18, 2008

Stess Management in Five Minutes

We are Masters of our environment!

Questions to think about.

What is stress?
Where does stress come from?
How do you deal with stress?
How does stress make you feel?
What relaxes you?

Five minutes of refreshment
Lie down or lean back in a comfortable chair. Yours hands are relaxed and gently open by your sides. Close your eyes softly. Smile from inside. Take several deep breaths. Slow and relaxed. Smile from inside your heart. Take several more breaths.

Repeat to yourself ‘I am now enjoying five minutes of deep relaxation. When I come out of the meditation I will feel rejuvenated and at peace.’

When five minutes are over, or you feel that five minutes are over, gently stretch your body. Open your eyes. Massage your any part of your body you feel still holds tension. You will feel fresh and calm. Practise this daily for the greatest benefits.

It is not stress that is the problem.
Its how we deal with stress that needs attention.

LifeNutrition style topics to think about that may add to our stress
Self time
Life management (grid concept)

Stress management options
Massage (Self massage; scalp, forehead, cheeks, eyes, mouth, neck, shoulders, hands feet)
Atmosphere (lights, aroma, music, colours)

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