Monday, February 18, 2008

Lohan Qigong

What is it?
Lohan qigong is a type of qigong training. Its a set of sequential exercises designed to stimulate and enhance energy in the body. It highlights the yin and yang of our body and there are many lengthening stretches to be enjoyed.

Chi translates as energy, vitality, life force, air, breath.
Gong translates as work.

Qigong is, therefore working your body’s energy to increase vitality, longevity and health.

Why do it?
Reported benefits of qigong:
-rehabilitates failing health
-decreases and eventually controls stress levels
-recharges the human spirit
-enhances enjoyment of life
-arrests illness
-keeps disease at bay
-prolongs vigorous life
-regain lost years

The principle purpose of qigong is to attain proper circulation of the blood (and chi), find emotional balance and stability. However, on a purely physical level, Lohan qigong simply limbers up the body and relieves stiff joints.

How do we train?
-a light all over warm up (swinging arms, all of the major joints are stimulated)
-abdominal breathing (Tan Tien / Yang breathing, flower breath)
-alternative qigong forms (we learn new ones each month)
-Lohan form (takes up approximately twenty minutes in a beginners class)
-Seated guided meditation
-chi self massage

Points to consider
-The toes lightly grip the ground
-The tongue can ‘build the bridge’. The tongue should be relaxed and be touching the centre of the roof of the mouth. This point is called ‘Tien Tzie’ (Heaven’s Pond). If the tongue is too far forward it will cause sleepiness. If it is too far back it will stiffen uncomfortably.
-If you are having troubles with concentration it is better to relax and soften the muscles. Stretch and breathe deeply rather than practice qigong.
-If you are tired, sleep rather than train.
-Practice every day, at the same time, for about 5-10 minutes. Increase your qigong time naturally as your interest grows. The more time you give qigong, the more you will benefit.

We PLAY qigong because we love it! Remember joy in your training!

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