Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are Australians destined to be the world's next great thinkers?

The last few books I’ve picked up have been written by Australians. Although I might not agree with everything they say, I am impressed with the confidence/audacity of the way they present their ideas.

Then I read a book by Seth Godwin, and I thought, yes, but North Americans could also fit the profile I had begun to make of these independent thinkers.

Peter Singer, Morris West, Jeremy Griffeth and Seth Godin……

Just to name a few of these ‘thinkers’ who have impressed me lately.

They are what I have heard termed ‘ballsy’ and can be confrontational. They introduce topics that are thought provoking and marketable.

Why does their nationality have anything to do with their ideas?

Just speaking from an Australian point of view – and I will leave the North American’s out of my final thought – though you can feel free to add to my ideas in the comments – we are not tied up with traditions in the same way other cultures are.

We have a sense of new beginning and new ways of approaching problems. We are not hung up on traditions because many of us feel we don’t have a link to any history that means something to us. We are non-conformist and delight in shocking. I’m not saying this produces good ideas in itself, but it does provide a different breeding ground for ideas, doesn’t it?

We see things differently. We’re down under, so our vision is often skew if. We live life a bit rougher, a bit more outdoorsy and more down to earth than many other cultures. We don’t like to be tricked and we will stand up and fight about it. Now again, this doesn’t make a great thinker, but again, it does set up a new breeding ground for ideas.

In a previous post, I wrote about utilizing and training ‘broken’ teens to the positive for our society. I used the argument that they see things differently than others, so with some help and training, they can help us see things from a different point of view.

Its what we need. A new point of view. A new vision so we can make a real plan for the future of our planet. We’ve been following the ideas of progression and machinery and the mighty dollar and we don’t seem to be doing a great job.

Perhaps its time to start to look else where for our answers?

Just a thought.

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