Thursday, June 5, 2008

Humorous Moments on the Road

March 08 (On the way to Noosa) or otherwise entitles 'How to generate hate mail/male'

Tiffany - All cars should have a little digital sign on them, saying what they are doing.

Albert - Most of them would say 'I'm going to the shops, my husband earns the money.'

(editor's note - Albert says that I should put the above quote in a time context. IE - it was a weekday, and mid-morning. Tiffany says - 'what ever, you still sound like a neaderthal')

March 08 (while planning part of our maybe more of Asia trip in a year)

Albert - If you could name your own airlines, what would you call it?

Tiffany - Far Kov Kwik Flights

What's yours?

Albert's Growing list of jobs he wants to do when he gets big. (Albert is our 29 year old)

- Truck driver
- Air plane pilot
- Racing car driver
- Garbage man
- Post man
(Editor's note -Albert just emphatically denied that he ever said he wants to be a postman when he grows up. He wants to change it for taxi driver.)
- Taxi driver
- Buyer for Indian shops around the world

Brisbane Airport - ‘Mum, please don’t cackle. Its unnerving.’

Brisbane Airport (about our plane and slight delay) – ‘Your plane has an engineering problem’ (ha! Good one!!! Yeah, right! Are they actually allowed to say that??? As a legitimate excuse for lateness? Why can’t they white lie a little bit. ‘Sorry, but Captain Smith’s manicure is still in progress, your flight will be 30 minutes delayed’. I’d be prefer that.

On the road from Litchfield to Darwin, bumper sticker ‘I live with FEAR, sometimes she lets me go fishing.’

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