Thursday, June 5, 2008

Time to Tighten Up

We’ve been traveling for two months around the top part of Eastern Australia. I’ve come back and found, not very surprisingly, that my stomach is soft and squishy and not at all like it was when we left.

Of course, I’ll start tomorrow.

Increasing awareness into the stomach area. Even as I sit here I can feel it sagging out.

Begin with gentle Pilates inspired exercises. I don’t like hard work or pain… so I’ll start slowly and build up my strength over the next few weeks.

On Monday (four days away), I will begin to limit the food I am enjoying rather lustily now. We’ve been eating what’s available rather than what I wanted, so now I will allow myself a little period of indulgence.

I will start to ride my bike again, starting from Monday.

Remember to always put off to another day allll exercise, unless you really mean what you say about ‘getting rid of it’.

Nobody will listen to a word I say if I don’t get rid of it.

wish me luck!!

For those of you that know me, this is to PROVE that it happens to everyone!!

I honestly feel like I did after I gave birth to Jett…..

Happily, I don’t mind as much as I thought I would about having a rounded tum.

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