Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just the Perceiver and not the Perceived

I'd been chasing the 'one' experience for twenty years. It had changed my life and turned me from rebellious late teenager into spiritual seeker. I wanted to find that experience again, when it was all so easy. When I was swept away into the eternal. 

And then, just a couple of months back, I sat on my sofa and looked out across the park.  I love the sun. I love light. I let my eyes rest upon the brightness of the sky and it began to shift. The light moved towards me in particles, I could feel its motion, I could see its emanation. 

The light entered into my eye and into my flesh and it was the same as me, just a different expression of me. It merged into my being. It was my body. I followed it further, deeper into my eye and mind until it hit - the One who was aware. Then there was stillness and I began to feel wetness stream from my eyes. 

I was not that which I looked at. I was not that which I perceived. I was not that experience I so longed for. I was nothing. I was all things. I was life itself. I was tiny particles/cells of energy or conscious energy interacting with myself.  

The question became 'How to live life from the awareness of Oneness'. How to embody transcendence?


Skeptic said...

I really like how you started this blog "I'd been chasing the 'one' experience for twenty years." It really caught my attention because it hit home - that's pretty much what I've been doing these past couple of years. I'm forever looking back at a particular awakening experience - love, acceptance, release! Thanks for your post and the reminder that the one moment is not found looking back. It takes you where you are, when your least expecting it.

Tiffany said...

:) Thanks Skeptic. The one moment is every moment. Trick is just to remember it.