Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stopping the Chase

On Sunday I experienced a shift in awareness that bought on migraines and  pain in my upper back. All I know what to do is move the body. The only message I am getting is to practice asanas more and do the chi ball exercise daily.  Remain for longer and longer periods in full Awareness.

My mind wants to know 'and what next', and all I get is 'dwell in Presence'.  Full stop.

(As a side note, my computer screen is playing up (I can only see two thirds of it), my space bar is stuck and I need to strike it heavily to create a 'space' and the sound connected to the speakers is fading in and out.   Seems typical, yes?  Also some of my English students have decided to take yoga with me next week. When the teacher is ready, the students appear. )

Photo: Tiffany Jones Tossa del Mar

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