Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Petals of a Flower

For each part of your self that you accept completely, that you allow to live without hindering its expression, you help complete the fullness of the flowering of your Self.

Each foul mood, each vicious thought, each bad tempered moment. They are all petals on the expression of you. Each time you accept each and every part of yourself, it is allowed full expression, and it comes in close and folds itself in to create the beauty of You. You can not flower until all the petals are acknowledged and deeply allowed.

Yes the beauty, yes the love, yes the delight in life. And yes the judgement, and yes the comparisons and yes the  depression. There is still more.  Beyond all of that.

A deep flowering. 

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Skeptic said...

Again, your blog is timely and appreciated for its ability to meet me where I am and shed some clarity and focus to my thoughts. I was recently reflecting on how I had acted in a few situations, trying to figure out how they fit with who I am. Once again you provide a gentle encouragement at the right time. Thanks.