Wednesday, April 14, 2010


He says ‘She was a pretty girl’. The insecure voice in your head says ‘yes, but is she prettier than me?’

She says ‘I love you.’ The listener in the other room calls out ‘but do you love me?’

He says ‘His work was exceptional.’ And the little voice says ‘but how was my work?’

Insecurities help to identify our vulnerabilities. They help to point out where our weakness lies.

They can be great sign posts if we don’t react to their negative voice in a damaging way.

We can not become an integrated human being if we are worried about ‘others’. ‘Others’ are a figment of our imagination. They are a big wide group that hold our biggest fears of failure, humiliation and ‘not being good enough’.

Notice that when someone is being praised or loved, if you then immediately doubt your own skills or self worth. Does other people’s success make you weaker? Pin point it, and understand yourself.

What makes you afraid that you are not good enough? Every day, pay attention to your thoughts, your feelings, how your body reacts to information. Its your map into the wonderful journey of You.

Then let it go. Let it all go. Breathe. Release those negative patterns. You don’t have to go in search of someone to blame. Forget all that. Just let it go. And then next time someone says something positive to someone else, smile and agree, rather than compare. One sentence, has nothing to do with what goes on in your head. It is only the value your insecurity puts on it.

Bring yourself back to centre. Breathe. Know yourself.

Photo: Tiffany Jones

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