Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Black and Gold

I was laying afloat black tar,
My face unaware of darkness.

I looked only upwards,
Trance like, towards You.

Some years past,
While I stared,

And then She softened,
And the tar became thick
And while I floated yet
I felt myself sinking.

But I trusted You,
I kept my eyes for You only,
And while a sunk further,
And confusion set in,
And I lay on the floor
In an ocean of body fluids,
Finally I had to admit
I was dying to You.

I found myself lost in the vortex
Of blackness, sinking and centred.

And a tugging, restless pulsation
Begging for recognition.
It was Her. It was another form.

And it sat in my heart,
While my head broke into two.
How, why, what, how, and

When there was only madness
Or surrender in store,
there was just

The black, in the pulse of
Turned into liquid gold.

And instead of thick tar
In my hair and under my nails
There was a glistening golden ocean
I was bathing in, and I drank.

I drank until I didn’t know where You
Were and where I began, and again
We were united, for a moment
Within the chalice of my Heart.

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