Thursday, April 15, 2010

Between Us

Pausing in the moment between breaths
I look up to see you looking at me
And it is like light, shimmering between us
It is like liquid sameness, you and I
And we know that we are one.

And I breathe in  and I see your ideas and beliefs
Rise to the mind like a defence,
And you see that I have breasts, and curves
And you see that I am not your colour
And you know that I am different.

And then I pause, between breaths,
And I feel the light moving between us
And I know, the fullness of expression
Through the love of the moment
The dancing light underneath form.

And I breathe out and you smile
And I avert my eyes, for fear
That your idea of me will creep in
Between us. 

Photo: Tiffany Jones

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