Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Power of Healing Prayer through the Chi Ball.

Below is a video of an exercise very popular in Qi Gong training. The Chi Ball.

The video talks about the physical composition of the exercise, and how a beginner would put their mind into training.

But there is another level of concentration for those of us that have mastered this physical stage. And that is visualisation.

The chi ball, when you start with qigong, is an easy way to 'feel' something begin to glow in the hands. Many students say that while practising this exercise, they have felt their first conscious awareness of chi.

Let's understand what we are talking about.

What is chi? It is the universal energy. But what is 'energy'- it is the animating force behind life itself. You know, you are trying to get in touch with 'God', or with Divine Consciousness. Don't be afraid of the terms. Chi is Grace. Chi is, ultimately, the Divine Force of Creation. So, let's not kid ourselves with 'playing with chi'.

At this stage, when your mind focuses on the ball of grace between your hands, you are visualising a globe. This exercises turns into a healing prayer for the world. You stand upon the ground, and you use the heart and the grace flowing through your body and you visualise the earth within your hands.

And you hold the image of yourself giving love, healing and protection to the earth. You are being a channel for Grace to enter through you, you are becoming a conscious and aware vessel for the divine.

The Power of Healing Prayer through the Chi Ball.

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