Monday, October 19, 2009

Your Brain is Too Small for the Job

We try to figure stuff out all the time. From war to water wastage, to why kids hit each other and why we throw cigarette butts on the floor.

I don’t know. Do you?

Have you figured it all out?

Do you have a system that works and answers all the questions?

The fact is, many of us live with points of view, and these are like coloured glass that we look through the world with. Well, I’ve got socialist leanings, so my glasses are a light red colour and when things upset my image of the world, maybe my glasses break, but I just buy a new pair.

That is, we put a bandaid over the problem and think it will fix it – or we shove it into the box of ‘that doesn’t fit with my view of the world’ that gets bigger and bigger and we ignore it more and more (much like my sock drawer that is also a drawer for bits and pieces I don’t know what to do with).

The human brain is just not capable of seeing things how they really are. Its too full of its own ideas. It has to be ‘this’ way, or people shouldn’t do that, or I don’t understand – and its continual. Just listen to people. How many times a day do you think, or hear someone say ‘people are just crazy’.

There is something more. But what is it? If our brain can’t understand it, why do we keep using it for the job? Perhaps there is another part of us that has the capacity to perceive, rather than see. Things are really not black and white. Its our brain trying to order everything. But it gets jammed.

Along with many others on this journey we call life, I look you in the eye, I hold your hand, and I say – let’s try with the heart. Maybe the heart is big enough to understand. Maybe the heart can see the truth without trying to impose limitations. Perhaps the heart can guide us through the jungle.

Just a suggestion.

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lizzygoat said...

You're right!!! (it is too small!!)