Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kiss and an Egg

Today’s meditation is still sitting where I thought my heart was.

I felt a chaste and loving kiss upon my mouth.

I felt an egg shape placed inside the heart – its heavy and solid.

Its presence is a reminder, like the sun, like the moon – that the eternal IS present at every moment. The eternal witness. The observer. I saw Sparrow’s wings and the pyramid burst into a flame of light from the apex.

The evolution of human kind. The evolution of our consciousness.

Each one of us already is made manifest, but we can’t see it. Don’t let your eyes fool you into thinking what they see is real. Its not. Its just thought forms trapped in circles. Let them go. Give them no energy to spin.

Come back in, to the primal egg within – the beginning and the end – you have it all within.

The miracle of life.

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