Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's my name?

I sat here, and sent a calling out 'who am I? what is my name?'
I hear 'ishtar' its the Babylonian counterpart to Inanna. Hand on my heart truth and my eyes nearly didn't believe what they read in Wikipedia - almost an exact account of Inanna's decent into the underworld.


ordinary sparrow said...

Wow!. . .synchronicity and guidance all gathering around you with such abundance. . .

Tiffany said...

A friend of mine, Katrine, she went to Canada to learn healing at a college under Jesus.
They are learning 'prophecy' and at her request, I told her she could practice on me.
She came back with such a message of love, and protection and acceptance.

This morning, a little bird opened the tent doors into a new realm of initiation.

I walked out onto my balcony and felt the arrows of the world pass through me - and I felt myself drop, again, again - and a passing thought - how can my heart take this? - and the moon shone to the west - full and misty in the morning.

Because we endure, with grace, beauty, consistency. Because it is. Aye, I am that I am.

I cease to ask why.

ordinary sparrow said...

yes, and a beautiful soul you are. . .