Monday, October 12, 2009

Inside the Cafeteria at Montserrat

While eating out lunch, I sat transfixed.

Light in all its aspects have had the upper hand over the dark.

Electric lights over the natural sinking of night time.

Morality of ‘shoulds’ over the reality of ‘is’.

Ration over passion.

Intellect over emotion.

System over flow.

Man over woman.

Speed of flight over speed of walk.

White skin over dark skin.

School system over family group.

Image over substance.

Quantity over quality.

Individual over community.

Material gain over spiritual glow.

The worship of the sun over the fear of the crazy moon times.

Man mad constructs over nature’s abundance.

But something has changed. What was once hidden, is coming to pass in all of us. The darkness is coming to meet the light.

The snake’s tail is joining to the wings of the great ancient gods –

Plumbed water serpents

Dragons and other flying serpents

Serpents and winged gods

The serpent of life and wisdom

The very thing the Dragon is protecting – the ‘pearl’ of myth, the sacred treasure that Man has tried to steal before he has passed all of his inner tests – is the divinity of human kind. Once the light hits the darkness, the pearl – the seat of love, glowing within each one of us, is activated. We hold the very pearl/treasure we have been seeking in the outer world.

Its not out, as all traditions speak – it is within.

Light from the top, Darkness from below – and when both Are – then so are We.

While I’d just eaten some salad, chips and was staring into the wall opposite me – this information was seeping into my mind’s eyes, into my body tissue, as ‘it is’.

I’ve heard it before in different language, in different visions.

And meditation on this – on the chakras, on the light and darkness in equal measure – and STILL, we are One…. Then, then we are on our way of the next part of our journey.

To fly. To crawl. To feel no shame for the dark caves we have been into. To feel no boastfulness for the beauty of our wings. But to see it as a whole, as holy, to be All, instead of a part.

Love, acceptance, forgiveness in every cell of the body. Close your eyes if they take you from the path. Become deaf if what you hear tempts you to forget. Become lame if walking takes you away from your true Self.

Love –


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