Friday, November 21, 2008

Be as Still as the Lake


I have recently begun doing meditation with my guides and learning to contact them – and I feel that they are not ‘mine’ at all – but everyone’s…

The most powerful impression I’ve had so far was after visiting a temple of meditation – and a man came to me – he seemed from India – but not – and it was before the Vedic stage – hence my new interest in pre Vedic religion – and he was kind and warm eyed – and I don’t know his name.
I asked for advice – and he showed me a lake. He said thoughts were like ripplets upon the lake – and my aim was to have the lake as still as can be.

Now I have heard this advice, even read it many times before. Possibly I’ve even used the metaphor myself, however, it was nothing like seeing it like this.

I understood it within my body. I saw the thoughts rise up, I saw that I could not see clearly if I was up set, or ruled by emotion, or thinking at all – as soon as my thinking suspends, then I am still, calm – and a mirror for what is – and from there – there is the ability to see clearly, to be a clean channel for divine light – and what ever else is in store for us on the other side.

But until I am a still lake – …

That’s my aim at the moment – to be. To be one – with no disturbance… As soon as I begin this ‘aim’ – I notice the effect everything has upon me… The coffee races my heart – the television hurts my head – negativity from people around me pound my walls – and then I see why there are so many restrictions around meditation.

They are in effect guidelines, helping tools – but we make them ‘rules’ to die for.
The purpose is stillness – at this stage – and how you get there is your business. Its not for others to insist any way. You need to feel it for yourself. Or go to a sensitive teacher who can help you sincerely.

The other things I had a little tantrum about – while I was meeting with a group of guides – was that sometimes I feel like I don’t have proof. I don’t feel sure of myself. Nothing is manifest – and I felt a little rebuke…

They reminded me of another moment in time – when I was in deep despair – and I asked please, please let me know I’m not crazy – help me to feel you somewhere or see you…. And the answer was a ‘squeeze’ around my heart. It squeezed until I was quite sure – since then I’ve been able to feel my heart at all times. I can feel its beat all the time – as a reminder of my existence and connection to the pulsating energy of the universe.

So – they reminded me of this experience – and if one can blush in the spirit world, then I did – then they reminded me of how sensitive my body was – how I could feel a myriad of movements – and how, with meditation and training – I would be able to feel and live the energy lines of the body and help them to function. I just had to study and be patient and the skills would reveal themselves. So then…

Be as still as a lake…

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