Wednesday, November 19, 2008



After my ‘healing’ session with my friend – I go into a moment of ‘tell me what you want’ and I will just listen.

Today – at the very end of my session – I asked, ‘who is here today, and is there something I need to know?’

The name ‘Lydia’ came to me – and she said she lets me see beauty. She lets me see the colours so intensely, and when I pause to see the rain drops from the green fronds out side, she is with me, encouraging me to view the world of beauty.

I checked what ‘Lydia’ means – on the internet – and lo and behold – ‘beauty and beautiful’ – and the website that came to me also is Labyrinthina. It’s a wonderful story, and full of so much information to share from a mystical woman. Love!

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