Saturday, November 22, 2008

Meditations for Negative Thoughts

Meditation for souls as one – in action

This meditation came out of ‘nowhere’ – one of those moments when I sent up a prayer to ‘anyone’ who could help me with the moment.

A friend of the family came over and refused to eat with us because there was no meat in the house – and I felt a surge of ‘what?’ and incomprehension, and immediately I sent up my prayer before I started to criticism him internally, let a lone externally.

‘Feel your centre.’ (for me it’s a golden light being)

‘Now imagine that light in him – and indeed, in everyone in the room. Activate it in each of the people present. Imagine that you link this soul light in yourself, and in each of them, with arcs of gold towards them – from the top and the bottom of the light. See it as a circle connecting the two of you – connect to everyone – see the gold light in your minds eye when you talk with them. The rest is illusion. More than that – if you believe in their illusion – then you help create it.’

Wow – so I did what the meditation said – and I the angst fell away. I felt one – and loved him – and could feel us all joining together – all the lights in all the people… and you know what?

He ate with us anyway.

Hope this may help you also.


Meditation to help with Negative thoughts

This one came to me when I asked specifically for help with suspending negative thinking patterns. I asked my guides to help me deal with them, and other thoughts.

A golden net sinks down around the brain. The net ‘catches’ the brain – and gently lifts upwards – the brain feels lighter, disconnected to the body – unreal – and this is one of the techniques that has helped me the most – the brain still works – but it is a tool for me – not an instrument of torture.
Blessings and I hope you may be helped also with this meditation.

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