Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Chalice is the Holy Grail?

I found this about the Holy Grail - interesting considering my chalice motiff.

"Divine Humanity believes that the Holy Grail, the vessel of light, is a metaphor and a symbol of our hearts and the spark of God within us.

The Holy Grail is our divine treasure.

The greatest wealth is always found within us and allows us, with each breath of our soul, to experience divine love and happiness. This miraculous treasure is transcendent, found in all cultures and ages.

It’s universal symbol is a cauldron, a magical bowl, a cornucopia or horn of plenty, but perhaps most familiar to us as the fabulous Holy Grail. It is this legend of legends that we carry within us.

Mythically, the Holy Grail holds the divine blood of Christ and in our journey it also holds our divine blood. It holds the divine blood that courses through our very own bodies and the divine light, which is our own soul. This is true because we are the divine children of Father in Heaven and Mother on Earth and each one of us has their Holy Blood and Holy Heart within us."

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