Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gold Tara

I've been having images of a Golden Tara come to me in meditation.

I think to myself, ahh, but it is the green tara, but dressed in gold - but no - it is the Gold Tara.
So I listen and trust my self rather than the tradition.
I read on one website that the Gold Tara is real - but I haven't seen it anywhere else.
She is like the green tara, but with less paraphenalia... She has less about her - she is purely shining gold - pure wisdom - pure love - without trappings. Her body is slim and elegant - similar to the picture I posted above, but not the same - no large head dress.

The first time I had conscious contact with the green tara was in Dharamsala- she just struck me as love and compassion - and I bought one of her painting to remind myself of her, i bought a book on female deities - and feel connected to her - however, the gold tara is now insisting on her presence - so I will follow my instinct.

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