Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chew your food girl!

Entering into a new state of awareness, every day – is funny, challenging and odd. In Entering the Castle, Caroline Myss poses the question ‘what are you willing to change in your life? If God comes knocking, do you shut the door because you’re happy as you are and are afraid of the changes that may occur?’
Of course, being an eager beaver, my mind went into hysterical affirmations that I’d do anything… just ANYTHING that comes to me. Those anythings could be donating what little money I had to a charity, could be giving up a weekend for ‘cleaning’ or helping somewhere…

But what if your inner guidance just says ‘chew your food?’

It wasn’t quite what I was expecting…

So, there I am, eating my toast. I was walking with my food into the dining room and chewing and swallowing and I felt the little lump in my throat as I swallowed - and actually, it hurts sometimes, but I don’t listen – and today, I listened…

Take smaller bites and chew it.

So I took a half sized bite, chewed it, and still it hurt to swallow.

I took a smaller bite again, chewed it, and slowly, without having to have the awkward ‘swallow’ I usually contend with, it just kind of slide down my throat without a complaint.

‘Really?’ I thought to myself, ‘I have to eat such small bits, and chew so much?’

Suddenly there was a gentle smile and the words ‘it gives you time to appreciate the food, appreciate where the food comes from, give thanks with each mouthful. A lot of work has gone into each piece of food you mindlessly consume. Go slow, be thankful.’So – now I have a different lump in my throat – and go slow I will.

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