Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Daily Practice

My priority for now

All of my studies and practices at the moment are involved in attuning my self to opening up communication to the world that is.

That is, I’m working on listening. Listening to the people around me, listening to the noises from the trees and wind, listening to the pitch of voice, listening to my heart beat, listening to myself.

I’m pausing to feel the swells and tightening of the chakra system in action. I’m noticing when my heart starts to race, when my third eye starts to throb, when my solar plexus pains. I’m learning how my body is telling me something… either my own fears, or information about others, or guidance on how to deal with a situation.

I’m cleaning the debris out of my mind and body. I’m letting the mask of the afraid Tiffany slip – and in its place, I’m letting the soft skin of the inner me make her acquaintance with the world.
I’m looking at my fears, I’m shaking of my jealousies, my anger, my shadow. I’m looking at my arrogance and inability to live the life I say I want to.

Vulnerable I feel. Sensitive I feel. Alive I feel – real I feel. Awake I feel. Hope I breathe. Freedom I see.

All my love

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