Sunday, November 23, 2008

Energy from trees

My family here – my parents, were about to cut down a palm tree. They don’t want them there. I have an instinctive dislike of this chopping – and since I have awakened my sensitivity – its harder to deal with – I feel almost like its murder.

So, I turned my face up and asked my guides – who ever would like to answer me, what could I do to help?

They said – and yes it sounds crazy, and yes I did it… ‘go and put your hands on the tree. Explain what is going to happen – give it a change to shift its energy and with draw itself.’

I went and stood by the tree – and did what I was told. Nothing happened – that I felt – and after a minute or so – I suddenly felt this large pulse of energy come streaming into my hands and forearms. I directed the tree to send it down into the earth – to finish its draining.

At least I felt better. The tree is no longer there…

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