Tuesday, November 11, 2008

About Me

I am: half there

I think: as little as possible

I know: nothing

I have: too much

I wish: to see clearly

I hate: my attitude to 'problems'

I miss: nothing

I fear: the crazy woman I seem to be becoming

I hear: screaming children

I smell: not much

I crave: surrender

I search: for me

I wonder: if I'll have that baby girl I dreamt of.

I regret: being such a hothead sometimes...

I love: light

I ache: in my solar plexus - my 'self esteem', my 'power' is transforming and insubstantial

I am not: I am not

I believe: in transformations

I dance: everywhere

I sing: softly, so it sounds better

I cry: from happiness

I fight: me

I win: a little more every day

I lose: when I give into my ego - accusing, superior, arrogant

I never: never say never

I always: try to listen to my inner voice and act on it

I confuse: myself all the time..

I listen: carefully

I can usually be found: looking a bit distracted

I am scared: of some changes... what do they mean for me?

I need: more trust

I am happy about: my mother's 'self help' course

I imagine: too much...

The list I found on
Dove's Blog. (copy and paste your own if you wish!)

I am:

I think:

I know:

I have:

I wish:

I hate:

I miss:

I fear:

I hear:

I smell:

I crave:

I search:

I wonder:

I regret:

I love:

I ache:

I am not:

I believe:

I dance:

I sing:

I cry:

I fight:

I win:

I lose:

I never:

I always:

I confuse:

I listen:

I can usually be found:

I am scared:

I need:

I am happy about:

I imagine:

I tag:

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