Friday, July 31, 2009

Bread of Life, Wine of Wisdom

Bread of Life

Wine of Wisdom

I put the bread into my mouth and

Saw the golden heads of wheat sway.

And She said ‘It is my body.’

I felt the old traitor rise his head around

My leg and say ‘I’m not worthy of thisss.’

She smiled and showed me the digestion

Process. Chewing, the body consuming,

Leaving the waste behind.

The seeds being replanted, into the waste.

The growth is dependent upon the waste

Of the past – without doubt.

Do not be fooled, She said, tucking the hair

Behind my ear.

You consume me – present, past, future -


You are eating the past, right now,

For your future. Your waste will prepare

The ground for your future. Without doubt.

I can not-

Shhh. All in good time. One step. One step.

I look up – and the wine?

Her smile, so gentle.

Is there anything more obvious? Have you

Burst a ripened black grape between your fingers?

Have you seen the skin stretch and burst

And let the liquid touch your fingers?

Have you seen?

I am mesmerised by your beauty. I can barely breathe.

Ruby red – like freshly drawn blood.

Blood is your life force incarnate in physical form.

The wine is mine – drink – feel Me enter your blood.

A half sip is all you’ll need. I am the wine of wisdom.

Drink of me – fill your self with Me. One we are.

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