Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On Arrival (part II)

On Arrival

Part II

I return to the self

And again try to form


The white washed smooth walls

Find me sliding to the floor.

What then, my Love,

Is this it?

What I’ve been waiting for?

The moment of Unity?

Did I have to lose so much?

So little?

To gain this trembling

Delicate balance of

Neither here, nor there -

An in between place.

Only music seems

To pour from the throbbings

Of the body made vibrant

With the Pulse of You.

The water is surging

Upon the walls of the dam.

My little structures

Pitiful before your effluence.

Crumpled me, on the floor.

The walls deny me.

Floundering here,

In the death throes.

Do I dare, do I dare

To say, to You, I do?

To surrender, to release,

To give in, to swoon

Into Your embrace.

Thick in the air,


I do, my Love.

I do.

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