Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Water of Life

The Water of Life

If the water of Life be Love,

Then let me drown in You.

Let the water run its course

Through the valleys of me.

Let it douse all the fires of

Greed, judgement, anger, and hate.

Let it clean away the debris of

Hurt, resentment, pain and fear.

Water of Life!

Let me bath in your waterfall,

Let me swim in your river,

Let me dive to your depths,

Let me float in your fathoms.

Rise, water of life!

Fill the valleys of me

Rise water of life!

Cover the dust that is me.

Let me dissolve into You.

Come and be One with me.

Let loose your cleansing rains

Upon this tired desert.

Sweep me away until I am

No more me, and only You.

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