Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On Arrival (part III)

On Arrival

(Part III)

And yet part of me weeps

For the little losses.

The ideas of what should be.

The boxes with people inside.

Part of me feels afraid

To live this life without walls

This freedom seems to send

Me mad with Expanse.

Part of me scoffs

My little fears,

But mostly my fears

Are me.

Take me, so I can Be.

Break me, so I can Be.

Push me, so I do not stand.

Suffocate me, so I do not breathe.

Hurt me, so I do not Hurt.

Crush me, so I can not see.

Fill Me, so there is no me.

Erase me, so there can be Me.

Silence. Love.

The Pulse of Beauty.

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