Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

Last year, I announced at the dinner table, that finally, after years of struggling and pretending, I was ready to embrace my impression of my spirituality.

That is, I was going to be honest about how I felt about god/God, spirits, meditation, images, symbols, synchronicity and let myself in for the ‘fruity loop’ comments of my peers and companions.

Why be honest about something so private?

There are two reasons for this. The first is that I dislike lying. I dislike hiding information. I have a repulsion for it. Personally, I feel cleaner and freer telling the truth, and being open about how I feel and what I see. If that means saying, spontaneously, ‘wow, look at that flower – isn’t it just an expression of purity?’ and it brings a laugh of embarrassment from my companions, I don’t mind. I can’t and don’t wish to repress the irrepressible at this stage.

Secondly, everyone is a bit wacky. That is, everyone has strange stories to tell, but they don’t tell them, because we don’t want to be laughed at, or thought of as kooky or different. So – if you are reading this, and you have a kooky story to tell, feel free. That’s why I came out of the closet, so you feel like nothing you can say will be weirder than what Tiffany is going to say.

And in this case, it takes one to know one.

With you in fruity loop land, and loving it.

Love and blessings


Brian said...

You're certainly correct that most of us are wacky, fruit loopy, nutty, whatever.

My not really kooky story begins- Ever since announcing to my family & friends a couple years ago that I'm an agnostic atheist- a long held mindset not easily revealed in a still largely theistic culture- a kind of nuttiness displays itself by my continuing search for some sort of compatible "spirituality" with rational, logical basis (is it possible? I often ask myself).

So I study as time allows fields such as philosophy, psychology, & check blogs & sites like this, Tiffany's On Being Human. Because I'm human too, a grateful descendent of lower primates :)

Oh, and my family & friends pretty much accept my reality based thinking & I wonder what took me so long to discuss it! I think those who love you will still love you, & you them, come what may. And that's why it's okay & important to come out of the spiritual- or rational- closet.

Tiffany said...

:) Well said Brian. And welcome out of the lurking back seats into the arena. Its also some kind of 'coming out of the closet.'

Tiffany said...

The comments on facebook -