Thursday, July 30, 2009

Divine Mother

She comes, persistent and demanding,

To penetrate the outer layers of skin and flesh.

She comes from below, from under rocks,

Deep within the dense core of the earth.

Sinuous, thick with life divine, penetrating

Through the confines of the mind.

She comes, with no reason, breaching understanding,

Undulating to music unheard by my ears.

We lay there, her children, her claimed Ones.

Terrified, spent, delirious, tormented, devoured.

She comes with Love, insisting on Her presence.

She comes with Glory, of hidden things.

She comes with Grace, of the past unknown

She comes with Forgiveness, of all that is done.

Sweetest Mother. Blossoming Flower. Divine Grace.

I sit. I feel my heart. Its pulse is Your pulse.

My breath is Your breath. Calm, for the moment.

Awash with Your Love. I am Yours.

(for Dear E)

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