Friday, July 31, 2009

Advice on Starting a Blog

Advice On Starting a Blog

  • The best thing is, not to think too much.
  • Remember, it’s a blog, not a text book.
  • What you write is important, but it can be human, with all of the failings we have.
  • The first thing, is to write something.
  • The second is to find a fun picture. (option but catchy to the eye)
  • Most people won’t keep reading if the beginning is boring.
  • Keep it short – unless you really have something to say.
  • Use bold face when you change topic. Like a heading.
  • The most important thing though, is have fun.
  • Welcome to BLOG WORLD.


Brian said...

Okay, maybe this isn't the most positive or uplifting message, smelling of "critical thinking" (aka CT, don't we know), but here's my first Advice to Consider blog comment:

My advice is to send this "advice on starting a blog" post to coberst. This will accomplish the following purposes:

1)Relieving dozens of discussion boards of his quasi-spam posts.

2)Allow him a central place to gather & organize all his ideas, materials & creativity.

3)Allow others to respond to his ideas & actively participate with him in a forum of their/his own choosing.

4)Give he himself the time & opportunity to actually respond in turn to the efforts others put into expressing their ideas (at present he seldom does, as is well known). As a corollary, he may even learn something new about Critical Thinking from a more mutually respectful discussion with other posters.

5)Probably give him more time to engage in other hobbies & relax his mind, calm his soul.

There may be other benefits but these are the ones that come to mind. In addition, I cannot think of any disadvantages.

One major hurdle would be contacting him to begin with. Sorry I can't help with that.

I do hope these comments are appropriate. I do not really mean to offend. They are, if nothing else, heartfelt, & with the ultimate destination of helping coberst & many others all at once.

Tiffany said...

That's very Brainy Brian!
Coberst is a forum virus, its true.
If there was someone who needed a blog - its Coberst, and you offend not me.
Thanks for your comment. :D