Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meditation Madness

Meditation is a frame of mind. Or, better, its removing the frame of concepts attached to the mind.

Removing or dissolving or coming face to face with your ideas, concepts and expectations can be frightening, magical, an awakening or a terror.

Meditation asks us to see beyond the surface image of all things. It invites us into ‘what is.’

For a Western mind, it can come as a shattering experience. Or it can come as a most beloved and desired gift.

A typical response to googling ‘benefits of meditation’ is from ABC Yoga.

There are many articles if you’d like to do your own research.

However, there are quite a few on the ‘dangers of meditation’ also.

Before beginning meditation, I’d highly recommend students to do some research of their own, and take some responsibility for their chosen path. Make sure you ask your teacher any questions you have, and by all means, if you belong to a religious group, please consult your minister before commencing any meditation program.

An easy way to find out the dangers or criticisms of a chosen subject is to google them – there are plenty of blogs and personal experiences online.



The Little Red Baron said...

I'd never thought about dangers of meditation, or experienced anything negative so I was curious to read the article that was linked. I understand what the writer was saying, but I think if one has reasonable knowledge about meditation, is able to use the mind (because it can be useful sometimes!) to keep everything in perspective, and has someone they trust to talk to about any issues, then there is little danger for most people to practice meditation.

Tiffany said...

Thanks Baron - well said.