Monday, July 20, 2009

Wu Chi Stance

Today I published a short introduction to qigong basics, on youtube.

Here is the Wu Chi Stance.

Take a look at Tai Chi on-line for some sound advice about the Wu Chi Stance also. (I don't see any point in rewriting something that is well written by someone else.)

(This little video, and the ones to follow, were inspired by Deb. Thank you for thinking that I could do it. Then you let me!)


Tiffany said...

Wish I could change the still of that video though!! :P

Anonymous said...

LIL!!!(lizzy is laughing)
My inability to become fit is coinciding with my as of late poor time management and procrastination. I procrastinate more in a week than I did in a year previously!!

And now??? I have you reminding me??? It's bad enough that I am always in contact with a certain little bird who chirps messages into my soul!!! (mock anger since you don't know me. I am actually laughing and groaning)

loves and peaces in the world
btw you look fine in the still shot

Tiffany said...


Yes! Elizabeth - it sounds like you need a good 'fitness instructor stalker'. I'll follow you around the internet saying things like 'why don't you take the stairs?' and 'do you really need that donut?' :D
The people who read stars say not to worry about the procrastination until after the 5th of August. Nothing to do about it - its just the stars and the eclipse and the full moon coming up.
I get a really good sense of your energetic personality through your blog - no-nonsense, fun, seemingly uncompromising, down to earth, straight to the point, can be seen as aggressive if one get's in your path, but with a heart of gold. :D Something like that.
How about a quick jog now? :D

Anonymous said...

Actually I ALWAYS take the life philosophy is that once you give up on the stairs you give up on life! That comes from observing people for many years going up stairs or taking the elevator.

Actually one of my biggest issues in life is the inability to quickly move from one type of task to another..excepting for emergencies. Coupled with my newfound procrastination this is wreaking havoc in my life!!!

I have habits and behavior instilled by my Dad but in real life I am extremely compromising when in conflict with another. I am usually the first to apologize and look at my own behavior...but there are some personal issues where I have solidified my moral stance...people always used to tell me that my ideals would change...but while it is tempting to see fuzziness in corruption in order to get ahead to make more money in the end you have to be able to live with yourself and...well I do have a very loud voice in my head!!!

I do on occasion let my emotions get in the way...and they are usually subjects like child abuse...people who harm women...defending friends. I work on it every day and I'm not always successful at overcoming it. Hormones???

I will try to go hiking today...STALKER-WHO-HAS-A-SMILE-THAT-CANNOT-BE-CONTAINED!!!!

Tiffany said...

I'm a little more flexible in my stair climbing. Sometimes. But my butt is getting flat - maybe I need to rethink that!
You've got a lot of 'should's in your head. I can imagine that makes things a bit tricky.

Once I realised I never wore green because my mother hated the colour - I only bought green things until I didn't think about it any more. :) She calls me a walking tree - but I don't mind. :D I think trees are super cool.

By the way - have you done any push ups lately? hmmmmm?

the Stalker.