Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sometimes the Simple Blogs in Life Are Often the Best

Dear Friends,

Every now and then, after reading up on a blog that I subscribe to or follow, I then click the ‘next blog’ option on Blogger.

Its amazing the amount of information available on the internet! The personal stories, the complaints, the inspiration, the criticism, the beauty and the transformational.

I found a relatively new blog and was touched by her story. I left a comment and I heard from the author just the other day. She wrote -

I guess I would have to simply say is that my blog is about finding who I am, after being a mother for the past 20 years and having my children leaving the house I have been faced with trying to find my passion. I am journaling my new found photography and art to keep track of how my journey begins and seeing if this is in fact who I really am. I am just a simple person finding her way to her own truth, because I believe when truth is found, calmness surrounds us. This is the reason why my blog was formed.

What a universal theme – expressed so simply.

I don’t know how her life was before she started the blog, but since she’s started journaling and embarking on this beautiful and challenging process of self knowledge – quite a number of amazing things are happening to her. One of them, not the least, was spotting FOUR bears on the side of the road – with photos to prove it.

Open up to the World, and look what She does. Dancing in the Moonlight. Leaping across Fields. Swimming in the Ocean. Twirling Around cause it feels Good. Live Life Love.

Thank you Vivian.

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